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Model# AC-005

Four leaf clover bead table

Four leaf clover bead table
    Model# AC-005
    Regular Price: $485.00
    Limited Time Sale Price: $289.99
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    This four leaf clover table is magical! Children play for hours on end, while learning basic skills such as color recognition, counting, eye-hand coordination, and cooperative play. The metal spiral bead and wire legs not only add a new beauty to the original Fleur Rollercoaster Table, but also additional playing space for more children to play. Great for group or individual play. This table is truly an eye-catching centerpiece for any room and keeps kids busy for hours!

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    • Ages 3+
    • 24inches x 24inches x 36inches
    • Made in USA
    • 68 lbs


    Age Limit: Ages 3+

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