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Model# AC-002

Sit in a Circle

Sit in a Circle
    Model# AC-002
    Regular Price: $639.99
    Limited Time Sale Price: $439.99
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    Four activities are grouped in one great Circle of Fun! This activity table can be set up all together, or individually. It encourages interaction, creative thinking and problem solving while also boosting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It features seven award winning toys: Abacus, Pathfinder, Fun Fruits to Match, Magnetic Circle Express, Gear Panel and Sculpture Mazes #1 and #2. This activity center is great for daycare centers, play rooms, doctors offices, schools and waiting rooms, to keep multiple kids entertained for hours!


    • Ages 3+
    • 48" Diameter X 12" High
    • Stools: 14inches x 14inches x 12.5
    • Made in USA
    • 45 lbs


    Age: Ages 3+

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